Message of the founder (The founding principle)

 Japan's roles and responsibilities to be played and assumed in the various fields of the international community are becoming more and more important in view of its influential position as one of world's major economic powers which was built through its 50 years post war development.

 At the outset of the 21st century, it is vitally significant for Japan to contribute to world peace by establishing friendly relationship with foreign countries through human and cultural exchange to promote international understanding and cooperation.

 In the recent years, in the field of educational exchange, we can say that increasing concern in our country has made a good progress in the number of incoming foreign students and in the improvement of the facilities for receiving them.

 Besides quantitative growth of foreign students, their needs for study tend to diversify. We have to specifically answer to their various requests such as short-term stay of about one year under an inter-university exchange agreement and midterm admission in Autumn.

 It is widely known that many foreign students studying in Japan, particularly own expense students, are suffering from many financial difficulties in supporting their academic life due to expensive living costs, currency fluctuation and poor accommodation, and such problems hamper further development of educational exchange.

 The founding principle of Takase Scholarship Foundation is to make a certain contribution to enhance international friendship and to foster human resources for this purpose by extending a financial assistance to those promising foreign students coming to our country for study.

October 18, 1995

Hidetaro Takase

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